(B8) Mint-Eng

Roger Wu, who is a TV show host and YouTuber, knows all-inclusive information from Thailand. Meanwhile, he owns two adorable cats-WuWaiCat and WuWhiteCat, that wish to be as famous as their owners.

On an ordinary night…

After hearing the appearance of a meteor on television, two naughty cats decided to start a secret adventure at midnight, they sneaked out from home and found a hilltop with the best view to watch it. As the meteor appeared, they made a wish immediately, wishing as popular as their owner one day.  

With the traces left, Roger found out where his cats had gone. When Roger was still confused why are his cats there, the meteor was getting closer to them. This unexpected crash caught them completely off guard before they escaped.

Did the meteor want to murder them?


It turned out that the meteor heard the wish from WuWaiCat and Wu WhiteCat, so it figured out a solution to let them be as famous as their owner. 

Boom… Three of them experienced a life review, and saw their entire life flash before their eyes! What was that… Roger? WuWaiCat? Or WuWhiteCat?

All of them were incorrect…

We named this Incident R.

And they are WuRoMe.

To spread their reputation, WuRoMes cloned themselves 8,888 times and stored into the blockchain, each of them will start a new journey.

We are honor to present, “Incident R // WuRoMe”


Stage 1

  • Launching the Roger Thailand Pass (First-come, first-served registration)

Limited 88

Stage 2

Activate the collaboration system for holders to enjoy discounts in local shops!

(Details will be announced soon)

Stage 3

Priority Pass minting: 6/7

WuRoMe NFT public and White List minting: 6/8

Stage 4

Release more shops collaboration (Details will be announced soon)

Stage 5

Only for Roger Thailand Pass owners: Launch of physical Roger Club Membership Card (With exclusive benefits, airdrop priorities)

Only for White List owners and regular owners: Lucky draw of physical Roger Club Membership Card (With exclusive benefits, airdrop priorities)

Stage 6

Discord community: Online talk show (The exact date of the show will be announced on Rogers FaceBook page, Discord community and Instagram of WuRoMe)

Stage 7

Souvenirs giveaway to holders (Details will be announced soon)

Stage 8

Release more shops in collaboration with other different areas

Stage 9

Holding different activities to holders within physically or virtually

Stage 10

Set up an online store, and provide special Thailand products also Roger's own-brand products

Stage 11

Charity system activated!! By combining selected charity and holder’s opinion, we will use part of the profit for buying supply to stray animals and support some of their medical fee

Stage 12

Royalty Fee: Owners of WuRoMe can sell their NFT through a secondary market (OpenSea) after they minted the NFT, a 10% royalty fee of the selling price can be received for both owners and the official, the official will donate all the royalty fees for charity use (mentioned in Stage 11) from the transaction

More Coming Soon!!!!!!

(Roger Thailand Pass and Roger Club Membership Card)

  1. Exclusive giveaway lucky draw. (Details will be announced soon)
  2. Priority to join a face-to-face meeting with Roger.
  3. For Roger Thailand Pass only: 20% off for minting a WuRoMe.
  4. Airdrop props for the next update


The limited number of per Roger Thailand Pass holders mints WuRoMe is 3 at most.


Holders with 3 NFTS or above

– Special giveaway!! (Details will be announced soon)

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unit of data known as a blockchain, and each token can represent a unique digital profile that serves as proof of ownership of a virtual asset. Non-Fungible Tokens can represent paintings, music, videos, in-game projects, or other forms of creative work. While the works themselves can be infinitely replicable, the tokens representing them are tracked on the blockchain and provide buyers with proof of ownership. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have their standards to define the use of NFTs.

In recent years, Many artists have launched their brands NFTs. For fans, purchasing personal NFTs launched by their favorite artists has collection value. It breaks the traditional pattern of artists launching their products. In addition, each NFT has its unique number, and fans can buy it and become their one-of-a-kind collection.

Discord is a free online instant calling software and digital distribution platform specially designed for the community. In Discord, there is a group chat function that is different from the group of general communication software, called server (similar to community), and server owners can create their own community in the platform. Microsoft offers 10 Billion USD to purchase Discord in 2021.

Why does WuRoMe set up the Discord platform? Different from traditional social platforms, Discord not only provides different channel categories for users to discuss different topics but also sets up a voice channel, so that users can chat in the server. Among them, there are bots, such as game bots, song playing bots, etc.

WuRoMe will also use Discord’s announcement function to provide users with the latest news and activities of the project. By introducing a new platform, we hope to create a more user-friendly and active community.

Price for Roger Thailand Pass:

510 MATIC (Not including Gas Fees) / HKD2410
Price for White List:
510 MATIC (Not including Gas Fees) / HKD2410
Price for Public Sale:
632 MATIC (Not including Gas Fees) / HKD2988

Since WuRoMe is built on the blockchain, a group of technicians (miners) record the data and transactions on the blockchain every day and connect to the chain to get paid. Therefore, users of the blockchain need to pay these technicians miner fees for each transaction. Since the gas fee is paid to maintain the blockchain services, WuRoMe team will not charge anyone a gas fee.

Get a WuRoMe through our website when our public sale launches. We provide Polygon (MATIC) and credit cards to purchase. After that, it will be available for purchase on OpenSea for second-hand purchases.

How to purchase through Polygon (MATIC):

  1. Open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. (Such as Binance or CoinBase)
  2. Open a cryptocurrency wallet. (Such as MetaMask or CoinBase)
  3. Purchase MATIC from a cryptocurrency exchange. (Please prepare more MATIC for the Gas Fee during purchase, the Gas Fee will be differently charged according to the current flow)
  4. Copy your wallet address, and send your MATIC from the exchange to your wallet. (Gas Fee may be charged during this transaction)
  5. Press the “MINT” button, connect your wallet and authorize your action.
  6. Double confirm the amount of MATIC paying from this transaction.
  7. Congratulations, you are the owner of WuRoMe now, you can check your WuRoMe on OpenSea afterward.


How to purchase through credit cards:

  1. Press the “MINT” button, choose “Paying with credit cards”
  2. Follow the instructions on the Website to finish the payment.
  3. Fill in the phone number or email for further contact.
  4. Confirm your payment.
  5. Keep the proof of the payment, and note down the transaction reference number.
  6. A specially-assigned person will contact you after payment, you will be asked to give us your cryptocurrency wallet address. Please prepare a cryptocurrency wallet. (Such as MetaMask or CoinBase) and send us your wallet address.
  7. We will send WuRoMe to your cryptocurrency wallet in 7 working days.
  8. Congratulations, you are the owner of WuRoMe now, you can check your WuRoMe in your wallet or on OpenSea afterward.

At present, there are several blockchains in the market. The most popular recently is the Ethereum blockchain, and the Solana blockchain is another popular choice adopted by the local NFT projects. Ethereum blockchain has high-traffic transactions and NFT projects adoption, but its high gas fees discourage many interested in buying NFTs. Although Polygon is an Ethereum sidechain, the gas fee greatly reduces its functionality. The main features of Polygon are similar to those of Ethereum, and the NFTs on the chain can be displayed on OpenSea as well. The main reason we are using Polygon blockchain is that we don’t want to transfer the expensive gas fee to the holders, that WuRoMe owners are not going to pay a large fee to maintain the services of the blockchain.

MetaMask (Recommended)

Roger Thailand Pass minting: 
WuRoMe NFT White List and public minting: 

The White List campaign is to give back to the fans who have always supported Roger, the activity provided 800 quotas, and anyone who succeeded to get the White List enjoys 20% off on purchasing WuRoMe, the limited number of per White List holders mints WuRoMe is 3 at most.

Roger Thailand Pass: 88 limited Roger Thailand passes are provided to fans by the first-come, first-served registration method, which enjoys a 20% discount and priority mint date. Roger Thailand Pass holders can enjoy more discounts by holding NFTs in the future, the limited number of per Roger Thailand Pass holders mints WuRoMe is 3 at most.

Roger Club Membership Card: The only way to get this physical card is by being a member of Roger Thailand Pass holders. For other holders of NFT, after the sale is over, we will draw some lucky winners and engrave their names on it, the lucky draw will be available to White List holders at first, normal holders next. Holders of this card can enjoy more discounts.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us through Whatsapp and wait for our response.